Saturday, September 24, 2011

Portland Maine: Miss Portland Diner

You've just woken up, it's 11am in Portland.  You vaguely remember the 1,2,3 at the bar last night.  You are desperately hungry, where do you go?

I know what all of you who have been to Portland will say, Becky's.  Now I'm not going to put down Becky's.  The food there is good, very good.  However, if you want to eat the best corned beef hash on the planet, take a trip to the Miss Portland Diner.

I was going to post a link to walking directions, but lets face it, You're hungover.  You need food, right now.  Ask the hotel to give you a ride, its about five minutes, about the same amount of time you would spend waiting in line at Becky's.

I like sitting at the counter myself, your food comes faster that way.  I always get the same thing here, the corned beef and hash with eggs over easy and wheat toast.  I know they have other great dishes, but this one really hits that breakfast urge.  If anyone goes here on my reccomendation, please let me know if you get something other than the Corned beef hash.
With coffee the total came to 12.00 including tip.  It's worth the trip.

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